July 3, 2012

More logic from the logic-less

On Ed Brayton's blog this morning I found this bit of nonsense. It's from hatemonger and bigot extraordinaire, Bryan Fischer:
"You look at the average liberal in the United States, they believe things that are folly. They believe things that are irrational. They believe things that make no sense, that cannot stand up to the test of reason and logic. Why do they believe that? Because they are dupes, they have been deceived and fooled by the Prince of Lies, the Father of Lies and that’s why they believe and do what they do."
He's talking about our lack of logic. That's just so funny. The man actually has the nerve to say that liberals believe things that make no sense, while in the same breath he attributes all liberal beliefs to Satan. Highly logical. These people are a tiresome, evil joke and they really need to go away.

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