July 15, 2012

The heatwave summer

Here's the 10-day forecast for my area:

This is not a typical New York summer, and of course this is happening everywhere in the US right now: heat, heat, heat. I am not pleased and I imagine you're not either, especially if you're a farmer. If the weather doesn't right itself we are in for some awful times. 

For me, the test will come in December. Will there be a winter or will we skip the season entirely, like last year? I swear, if there's no snow this winter, I am going to become unhinged.


cm said...

Where is dog when you need him. Bring us some rain dog.
Seriously, this is not good. Is it %80 of the country that's in drought conditions? I think I heard that a few days ago.
Whatever it is, it's record breaking.

writenow said...

Hi Carmine. I just went out to feed my menagerie. It was sweltering out there.

PS: The reason I turned on comment moderation is that people keep leaving links that seem suspicious. I don't want anyone getting a virus here. So you have to put up with the delay caused by moderation. Sorry.

cm said...

No prob