July 27, 2012

The pope attacks San Francisco

This morning, Joe Jervis reports that the pope has appointed the worst possible person as Archbishop of San Francisco: Salvatore "I hate gay people" Cordileone. It's literally a rocket attack on SF's gay population.

I wondered why the Catholic church had been so quiet in recent weeks. Apparently, they were loading their rocket-launchers. Today, this news comes out. And yesterday, the priest in charge of harassing American nuns fired his first volley against them, insisting that they speak out against gays and abortion.

The Catholic League for Hatred and Unfairness, centered in the Vatican, is effectively announcing the beginning of an all-out war. They'll lose, of course. And they'll hurt American Catholics in the process. But they don't care. Only hatred matters to them. As I often say, that's quite a religion they've got there.

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