July 24, 2012


As I learned of the sanctions against Penn State yesterday and saw them remove Paterno's statue, something else came to mind. I thought, "This is what should have happened after the Bush years."

If the United States was a just nation, the war in Iraq would have been resoundingly condemned and billions of dollars would have been set aside for the victims of the "war on terror". John Yoo's law license would have been revoked and he, Cheney, Bush and the long list of anti-American creatures who worked in the White House would have been carted off to jail. Bush's "library" would have been torn down and any laws he passed would have been revoked. And the United States would have offered a massive apology to the world for allowing the Bush fiasco take place.

That's what I saw in the news reports about Penn State -- a dream of a just country.

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