March 14, 2011

Xmas Carol is almost done

I have only three more scenes to edit in my horror book, Xmas Carol. I'm standing right in front of the finish line.

The reason I'm writing about this today rather than tomorrow is that as soon as I'm done, I'll be sad. It's difficult to part with a story, it really is. I live in the world I write about; it's my home. And I will feel sad when the day after tomorrow arrives, and I will no longer be working on Xmas Carol.

That's why I'm announcing the "happy" news today. By 5 pm tomorrow, you can shout it from the rafters: Xmas Carol is done!


Artichoke Annie said...

OK, I will take you at your word.... however I won't be surprised if you announce yet another edit in the works.

As every parent will tell you there comes a day when you just have to let "the kids" fly away from the nest.

Good luck! Think how proud you will feel when they get in the world and do so well on their own.

writenow said...

I thank you for permission to re-re-re-edit. That's always possible, especially since a new reader is about to get the book. You never know what they'll find. But I think I'll send this copy off quite soon, just to have it out there. Anyway, thanks Annie.