March 28, 2011

I had to have it

Now that Levenger has finally come up with Rhodia paper for their Circa notebooks, I'm back in the fold. I adore the paper (though it's much too expensive).

Since I don't trust Levenger to keep selling the paper, I had to go into hock to order a whole bunch of it. I've got four packs of 300 pages (at $41 bucks each; yeesh). By the way, they only make the good paper for the larger (letter-size) Circa notebooks. If you buy a junior-size Circa notebook, you're out of luck. All you can get for the small one is the awful, fountain pen-unfriendly Levenger paper. It's garbage; don't buy it.

To celebrate, I also bought a leather Circa notebook in their new color. That's it in the image above. Mmmmmm. Here's a link to the notebook if it strikes your fancy. I now have seven leather-covered notebooks on my desk and I'm dead broke.

But it's totally worth it. It just is. Stationery makes me inordinately happy.

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