March 7, 2011

How goes the Xmas Carol edit, Keith?

Thanks for asking. It's going very well. Yesterday I edited seven scenes in chapter ten of Xmas Carol -- a big load for one day. I'm smack dab in the middle of the climax, which makes the editing fun.

It sounds good. The pace of the book is much better, after the series of edits. The story feels like one smooth movement that stretches from start to finish. Hopefully I've included enough attractions along the way to hold the reader's interest and pull her all the way to the ending. I think so; it seems to be an easy read, which is what I've been aiming for all along.

Pretty soon I'll be done, in about a week, I think. Now, tell me again why I should send this to a publisher? They give you, at most, about $18,000 for a book these days, and they keep the rest of the loot. Think about this: that's a one-time payment for your book.

But if you self-publish, you get the majority of the money -- forever. If your book sells, it will never stop paying you money. Doesn't this sound like going through a publisher is no longer a smart move? I'll have to make a decision within a couple of weeks. Sigh. The business end of writing is not at all interesting to me. (The business of anything bores me.)

The book sounds terrific. It seems to me this should be my only concern.


Artichoke Annie said...

Well if you don't like the business end of it, then you should get a publisher... after all it's not about the money, right?'s about the craft!

Over the weekend I watched Frank Langella in 'Starting Out in the Evening' a little indie film about a writer. There is something so pompous about Langella both in real and pretend life. Sometimes how I feel about the actor-person makes it hard for me to get around for the actor-role.

writenow said...

I feel the same way about Langella. I cannot watch him in anything. He's also physically repulsive, and I think it comes from deep inside. He's an odious creature. (I probably outdid you in disliking this man, huh?)

As for publishers, I don't get what they could do for me. The money is almost irrelevant, but they seem like scam artists in the new digital environment. They demand a lot -- for what, exactly? I'm the one who wrote the book, no?

Artichoke Annie said...

I think it is the marketing of the book. I mean the physical mechanics of printing a book is not that big of a deal these days. I don't know the industry but I would imagine it is tough getting the big book sellers on board without a publisher. Just a guess - maybe we should Goggle "How to Market Your Book".

I always thought for a no-name author it was a vicious circle; can't get a publisher without an agent, can't get an agent without a name....
if you are Carley Simon, Princess Fergie or Sarah Palin you are 'in like Flynn'.... content doesn't seem to matter. Maybe I just made your point?

writenow said...

Well, I guess we're going to be able to watch what happens to me as I go down one of these avenues. I kind of like that it will happen on the blog, too. This is, in large part, a blog about "getting published" -- whatever that means these days.

I'm editing Xmas Carol now. Sounds good.