March 14, 2011

Could anything be more boring than William and Kate?

Dullness times 2.
Each time I see a mention of these two lackluster creatures in the news, I'm befuddled. Who cares what these two ordinary people are doing or what happens to them? Pushing a Disney fantasy about two drab humans by calling them "Royal" doesn't fly anymore. This type of news coverage is a relic. People today don't care about such nonsense.

"What?" you say. "People are wildly interested in this pair!"

There are indeed many stupid people who are excited by anything they see on a TV screen. If you don't believe this just take a look at the current crop of untalented and un-notable American "celebrities" revered by the public. But what idiots will watch and what the population at large finds interesting and meaningful are two very different things.

The same goes for the absurd level of TV coverage focused on the popey guy's visits to unsuspecting countries. Who gives a damn what this evil old man is doing? Sure, tell us the next time he buggers a child. But other than this sort of coverage the man should be ignored. I find it hard to believe that TV stations cover the vatican's front man in this day and age -- and with respect, no less!

The world is falling apart as we speak. This is a bit more important than the washed-out adventures of Willy, Katy and the popey guy, don't you think? Less nonsense and more reality. That's what we want -- and need.


Artichoke Annie said...

Oh Keith shame on you, you expect so much from society. Come on, can't you see the importance of knowing or at least guessing what type of dress Kate will wear? Maybe we could add to THAT discussion, what shade of lipstick goes best with what shade of white?

Events should drive the news but sadly, at least here in the US, news drives the events. Been gone all day, turned out to be a blessing, only to come home to the news? - As I think you commented awhile back we really have no news, just a vast variety of news entertainment. BREAKING NEWS Charlie Sheen breaks wind, no drugs noticed in the aroma left as he exited the room........ MORE BREAKING NEWS............Only idiots built nuclear reactors on top of faults...... Someone was holding the maps upside down when the US built their plants, thought fault=building site.

I'm starting a new business - bottled water, under the label of FEAR, Your last Great indulgence...

writenow said...

But you have to launch your company quickly since May 21st is the end of the world. What a country, what a world. Hmmm, isn't that a song or something?

Artichoke Annie said...

Oh I will hurry, I mean people will need to drink as the end comes... I will up the and demand and all that!