March 7, 2011

Open baseball thread

Since Annie and I are prone to cluttering up the posts with comments about baseball, I'm going to try putting up an open baseball thread now and then, so there's always one on the page.

Now if a faaaabulous baseball thought occurs to anyone, they can write it here.


Artichoke Annie said...

You know they are talking about adding two more wild cards to the playoffs. Bob Brenly said, 'Oh great, now the playoffs can extend through Thanksgiving.' They talked about how to add more games and not add more days, the logical answer was to bring back the double header. But that would cost the owners too much money!

Do you remember when double headers were just part of the season? I always thought that was so great to see a double header. I guess when the payrolls increased so much the owners started thinking about how much the 2 for 1 was costing them.

writenow said...

Double-headers are great. I wish they'd do more of them. I like the guys who play both games. Tough guys! They still have a number of double-headers during the year. I didn't know there were more in the past. I came late to baseball so I'm not much up on the history. (Didn't know Duke Snyder, remember?)

By the way, A, have you read any good baseball books? I've never read one. Seems like it might be fun.

Artichoke Annie said...

Come to think of it, no I haven't. Michael Harvey writes crime novels set in Chicago, he tosses in a bit of Cubs baseball, but a good novel about baseball would be fun. There are of course the bio's but that's a bit different.

writenow said...

I'm very excited about the Mets this year. I know it's kind of like Charlie Brown kicking the football for Lucy, but I'm going to put myself out and believe in them once again. It's a great group of players they've got right now. They could go places.

writenow said...

Hey, we've got Boof Bonser now. I think this means the Mets are official. He seems to be a lot of fun. But nobody's been hitting in the last two games. Drives me nuts when the whole team's offense collapses. Why are these things always team-wide? And then one guy hits and everyone's okay again. It's obviously all in their heads. Yogi: baseball's all half-mental. Anyway, it's fun to be watching games every night again.