March 20, 2011

Sunday music: Mad World

Gary Jules' Mad World is the best depressed song ever. I would say it's depressing but you can't even go there, you're so taken with the singer's own depression. No, it's depressed, not depressing. It's from the movie, Donnie Darko, a favorite of mine. I love this simple, elegant song.

Still, it is an exercise in depression. The latest comment under the video at YouTube said:

"this song makes me want to kill myself, in a good way."


Artichoke Annie said...
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Artichoke Annie said...

One of my favorites as well, very appropriate...........running in circles ...... mad world.

Thanks Keith, you just make Sundays special.

writenow said...

Thanks, Annie. But seriously, I'm running out of music that I like enough to post here. I'm a pretty picky guy. But I'll try to keep your Sundays interesting.

cm said...

My favorite Tears for Fears song.


writenow said...

Hmph. I just listened to it. I had no idea they wrote it, or rather that Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears wrote it. I just supposed it was Gary Jules. Thanks for the info. These intertubes are wonderful for finding out things, aren't they?