September 12, 2014

There is no such thing as a holy statue

"Holy" is a word without meaning, referring as it does to a nonexistent property. Here's something you can try at home: Wave your hands around in the air aimlessly; I'll wait while you do it. Good. The random hand moves you just made are as holy as a "holy statue". Or a "holy person". Or a "holy Pope". There is no holy, there are only holes.
A Pennsylvania teen is facing two years behind bars after he simulated oral sex with a statue of Jesus and uploaded pictures of his unholy deed online.
Duh. There's nothing wrong with what this kid did. Nothing at all. 
The 14-year-old allegedly straddled the Son of God figure outside the "Love in the Name of Christ" Christian organization's Everett HQ in late July.

A friend reportedly took the pictures as the laughing boy thrust his crotch towards the Messiah's mouth.
Go outside now and pick up a rock. Thrust your junk at it. Same thing this kid did, with the same actual result: nada.

You cannot do something "unholy" with an object, for the simple reason that there is nothing that is "holy" - not to mention the fact that plaster, rock and other objects don't feel anything. They're not sentient or even conscious. If you want to "abuse" an object all day and all night, go for it. The object won't care - and neither did this Jesus statue. See, it's just plaster.
Cops were contacted and the teen, who has not been named, was on Tuesday arrested and charged with desecrating a venerated object.
The key word in that sentence is not "desecrating". You can't desecrate anything because nothing is sacred. The far more important word in that sentence is "object" -- as in dead piece of rock-like thing. There's nothing "unholy" that you or anyone else can do to an "object".

The world scares me because there's so much stupidity and no one to counter it. How could any human fail to grasp the difference between a person and a rock? Only religion could so disorder a mind that it can't discern between the two.


Artichoke Annie said...

Only two years of imprisonment? Hmmmm, man on man sex simulation should get at least five years don't you think?

What's the world coming to when Wall Street malfeasance goes unpunished and we go after a 14 year old for being...... well being a 14 year old.


writenow said...

Man on fictitious man, or perhaps man on plaster man. It's so ridiculous. And this is the beginning of blasphemy laws in our country. It cannot stand. This is what will turn us into a Christian version of Iran - which is just what the religious gits want. Hi Annie!