September 22, 2014

Catholic church wants same-sex couple to bend over for punishment

Honestly, the Roman Catholic church is disgusting. Check this out:
GREAT FALLS, Mont. — A Roman Catholic bishop says a central Montana parish is about evenly divided over a new priest's decision to prohibit a gay couple from receiving Communion unless they divorce, live separately and write a statement affirming that a marriage is between a man and a woman.
Yes, because that's exactly what a loving church would command two men (who are in their 70s, BTW) to do: bend over and receive a public caning. Well, okay, they didn't actually require that. But they want to 1) destroy the men's lives; 2) separate them forever; and 3) force them to admit in public that they sinned and that the church is totally, fabulously right in its insistence on limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples.

Jesus would be so proud. In case you're not clear about this, the Catholic church is the sinner here and it is the one that needs to repent. Of course, why these two men want to be a part of this backwater church is unclear. Perhaps they're masochists. To each his own. But religions can't spurn their gay members, not if they want to survive.

Let's hope the men wise up and leave this particular church behind. And let's also hope that this hateful church goes the way of the dodo.


Artichoke Annie said...

What's the history of 'marriage' anyway? Who was the first couple to marry and when?

Are these things I must Google myself or will one of you readers do this for me.... I'm curious but quite busy at the moment.

writenow said...

But you're the world's premier googler. You could do in a second what it takes the rest of us years to google.