September 30, 2014

Religious people can't tell right from wrong

In recent years, we saw the Roman Catholic church abandon orphans rather than allow gays to adopt. They simply closed various adoption agencies. The hell with the kids; it's more important to hate gay people. It's a moral issue, doncha know.

Well, now the Baptists are on board with this tactic. Joe Jervis tells us that a Baptist church expelled an AA group because it feared opening its doors to them would open them wide for gay weddings. As if that was even a possibility. So the hell with AA and helping alcoholics. They'd rather hate gay people.

Isn't it odd how religions that profess to be the only arbiters of morality can't tell right from wrong? Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that there's no god and these folks are just flailing in the wind and being vicious because they enjoy it? Hmmmm.

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