September 7, 2014

Bruni for your Sunday

Frank Bruni has an excellent column this morning at the NY Times. It's about college life and the way kids are using it these days. But as always with Bruni, it's far ranging. Here's a bit:
The Internet has proved to be one of the great ironies of modern life. It opens up an infinite universe for exploration, but people use it to stand still, in a favorite spot, bookmarking the websites that cater to their existing hobbies (and established hobbyhorses) and customizing their social media feeds so that their judgments are constantly reinforced, their opinions forever affirmed.
I suggest we all develop a habit of reading everything Frank Bruni writes. He is a national treasure who will only grow more valuable in the murky years ahead.

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Artichoke Annie said...

Another excellent piece done by our Mr. Bruni. I remember someone saying a long time ago that the purpose of education was to teach students to think. We get further and further away from thinking. Education today is based on regurgitation of what you are taught, no thinking involved.

Yes, too much of the time on the Internet is used to reaffirm what you already believe and not to challenge what you believe.

Too much time spent on the football team and not enough time spent on the debate team.