September 25, 2014

Be afwaid. Be vewy afwaid.

Wow! New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just rode the NYC subway to show us all that the system is safe fwom tewwow. Yes, he actually took a subway train -- you know, like all New Yorkers do every single day. Watta man!

This is exactly  like when President Jimmy Carter took his wife Rosalind to Three Mile Island when there were actual worries that it might explode at any moment. It's exackly the same as what our brave NY governor did today. Exackly!

This guy hasta run for president! He hasta! Watta man!



cm said...

I know talk like a pirate day was last week but I didn't get the notice that today is talk like Elmer Fudd day. That Andwew Cwomo is quite the wascal.

writenow said...

He weally is. And so bwave! Hi cm.