September 10, 2014

More of this, please

You don't see this kind of news every day in America.
A Pennsylvania county council has voted 8-6 against posting the national motto, "In God We Trust," in its chambers.

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald had threatened to veto the measure, which he called "a movement by the right-wing evangelical Christians across the country basically to impose Christianity" in public buildings.
That's so refreshing. It seems some Americans can still think. I wonder who they are.
Fitzgerald is a Democrat, as are the eight council members who opposed the display...All five Republicans on council voted for the display.
The same perps, I see. Republicans and other religious gits are trying to snuff out rationality in the United States. Let's stop them.

I bring this attitude into my daily life, as I think we all should. Whenever someone mentions god - for instance, by saying "Thank god" - I immediately respond, "There is no god." Just to set the record straight, you know? If someone says "God bless you," I say "There is no god." If someone says "Praise god," I say "There is no god." Make this a habit in your life. No mention of god goes unnoticed. It's the new rule.

We've got to stop this nonsense somehow, and all movements begin with individuals fighting back. Fight back, kids. Religion is not an innocent activity. Look around and you'll see that it's suffocating the entire world. Fight back!

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