September 24, 2014

Bruni chimes in on the ousted gay couple

I wrote about this just the other day. As always, Frank Bruni does a far better job of telling the story. In case you've forgotten, the Catholic church ousted an old gay couple from their parish, simply because they got married. Despite the church's insistence that it is the ultimate authority on all moral issues, it doesn't understand love.

Here's a bit from Bruni's column:
The Catholic Church does incalculable good, providing immeasurable comfort — material as well as spiritual — to so many. But it contradicts and undercuts that mission when it fails to recognize what more and more parishioners do: that gay people deserve the same dignity as everyone else, certainly not what happened to the Montana couple. If Francis and his successors don’t get this right, all his other bits of progress and pretty words will be for naught.
The church committed an evil act. That's the bottom line. Part of me hopes the church will wise up. But after all the terrible things the Roman Catholic church has done to gay people, I confess I'd be happier if it just went away.

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