January 13, 2013

Vatican cares ever so deeply for children's welfare

After hiding the rape of a zillion kids under the rug, the Vatican says kids need momma and pappa. Or they'll be harmed! Oy, the irony. But of course, it's not about kids at all. It's about hating the gays.
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican has insisted that children should grow up with a father and a mother after Italy's high court granted custody of a child to his gay mother.
They just care so damn much about the kids. There's so much love in their hearts, they can't hold it in. It spews all over the children, this love.

The Roman Catholic church, especially under this pope, is a church of hatred. It's what it's made of; it's what it does. Oh, and it rapes kids. Mustn't forget that.

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