January 26, 2013

Catholic hypocrisy of the week (or decade!)

You know how the Catholic church is always saying that a fetus is a person? That's why you can't have an abortion, according to the Vatican: because you'd be killing a "person".

But when a Catholic hospital in Colorado was charged with the death of a woman and the twin boys she'd been carrying in utero for seven months, it claimed in court that the fetuses were not people. Murder? Pshaw, they were mere fetuses. Seriously, they were that hypocritical. If these were babies, the hospital might be charged with three murders -- so suddenly they weren't people anymore.

If you don't believe me, read the story. It's breathless hypocrisy -- just what we expect from the Roman Catholic church. How can anyone believe this church is connected to an "all-good" god? Nonsense!

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