January 21, 2013

Keeping your iPad happy

With or without accessories, my iPad is my favorite possession. But I bought a couple of goodies to make it even better.

First up, this great real leather iPad case from Bear Motion. That it, top-left. It fits the iPad like a glove and feels so good. The green is a granny-apple green. Though it's probably not everyone's cup of tea, I love it.

But the best accessory may be Levenger's Tech Bag. (Full disclosure: it's tiny and you should expect "man purse" comments.) This thing is so cool. It's made from a very soft leather and the iPad slips in like a dream, cover and all. The inside is lined with cotton twill (I wish it was flannel, but there you go) and there are pockets all over the place, including deep wells right under the handles.

Siri tells me my iPad is very happy. In fact, she said it might be the happiest iPad in the world.

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