January 17, 2013

Lemmings march to sea, pick up pace

Some days it's hard to blog because I'm bone-tired. Not because of anything I've done, but because the world is at least as stupid and blind as it was yesterday. The news tells the tale. As someone who's been waiting since the 1950s for the world to wake up and get sensible...yes, I get bone-tired. And sometimes this makes me feel like there's no point in blogging.

Paul Krugman makes the obvious point today. The United States is worrying about the cost of "entitlements" as the Earth slides into a future that will be inhospitable to life. This future isn't hundreds of years away. It's coming at us full-speed and we're already feeling the effects. "Superstorm" Sandy, anyone?

But we are lemmings. We have important things to do, like watching "American Idol". We can't be bothered with survival. (Just look at the resistance to sensible gun proposals.) Humans must like death, because we're hurtling toward it without a care.

It just takes the life out of me, some days. I think I'll go write a short story where rationality wins the day. At least in fiction, this is possible.

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