January 30, 2013

Ultra-Orthodox pigs

Did you think oppression belonged solely to the Roman Catholic church and Muslims? Not so. Orthodox Jews in NY have their own oppressors. In fact, they are their own oppressors. Read all about it and be disgusted. Ugh.

These are the people who gave a young girl to the pedophile Nechemya Wasserman, who was sentenced to 103 years in prison for what he did to the child. Orthodox "modesty patrols" handed her over to this pedophile for her own "good". And then he raped her for years. Disgusting!

Someone needs to go through Brooklyn and rip down the suffocating rules these pigs post on trees. And the police need to prosecute them for threatening store owners who show "revealing" mannequins. This is the Jewish mafia and it should be treated as such. Every one of these oppressors belongs in jail.

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