January 18, 2013

The vampire media strikes again

A couple of nights ago, CBS Evening News covered a press conference held by the parents of Newtown on the one-month anniversary of that day. The parents had a message for America about the insanity of our gun laws, and it's fine that CBS covered this event.

But then the station went trolling for blood. They sent a bleached-blond, male creature -- I'm not sure what species he was, but definitely not human -- to interview the Barden family in their home.

The creature asked Mrs. Barden, "Do you let yourself think about that horrible day?" She answered, "It seeps in. But I try not to go there."

And the creature asked, "Why?"

He actually did that: asked this mother why she didn't want to think about the day her son was shredded by an assault weapon in his first grade classroom.

In response, she began to shake. After a moment, she replied, "Because it's too painful." And then she broke down.

Let us also note that her two surviving children, both youngsters, were seated beside her on the couch as this media rape occurred.

Seth Doane is the bleached-blond creature who pretended to be a human being. CBS is the station that planned and aired this disgusting "interview".

My revulsion is beyond words.

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