May 1, 2012

Supporting the nuns

Yesterday's Star Tribune comic.
Nick Kristof, the NY Times op-ed guy I chastised recently, has a great column up today about the popey guy and the nuns. Here's an outtake or two:
If you look at who has more closely emulated Jesus’s life, Pope Benedict or your average nun, it’s the nun hands down . . .

“How dare they go after 57,000 dedicated women whose median age is well over 70 and who work tirelessly for a more just world?” [Mary E.] Hunt [a Catholic theologian] wrote. “How dare the very men who preside over a church in utter disgrace due to sexual misconduct and cover-ups by bishops try to distract from their own problems by creating new ones for women religious?”
This is one of the worst things the popey guy has done and it's going to blow up in his face, big-time. Even I like the nuns. Sure, they're dopey for jeebus but they're good people who try to help those in need. You can't knock that. The popey guy is doomed.

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