May 12, 2012

What's your greatest online pet peeve?

The thing that drives me nuts is when a site constantly updates itself while I'm trying to read the goddamn page. I'm lookin' at you, HuffPo, because you're the worst offender. Why on Earth do you update your page six times a minute?! It's not like there's anything there worth reading or, pardon my mirth, like there might be breaking news to publish. On HuffPo? Get real.

(Explanation for slumming: I've been going to HuffPo lately to look at their incredibly idiotic religion section. There are such ill things there; I can't resist. The whole thing is low-hanging fruit.)

Internet sites should provide a "Paralyze the Page" button for readers. Otherwise, in extreme cases like HuffPo, it's like you're trying to read the page on the back of a guy who's jogging.

What drives you crazy online?

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