May 26, 2012

"Sophisticated" theology

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I always crack up when someone refers to "sophisticated" theology. This is supposedly different from your typical corner-church theology. Religious apologists tell atheists that if we haven't studied the "serious" theologians, the "sophisticated" religious thinkers, then we know nothing about god.

This reminds me of people who try to improve the quality of a photograph by increasing its dpi in PhotoShop. They figure if they change a 72 dpi image to 300 dpi, they'll see more. But all it does is make a larger blur with more dots.

This is similar to the arguments of theologians. Adding "sophistication" (i.e., increasing the dpi) adds nothing. Why? Because there's nothing there in the center of the argument. No matter how much attention you focus on the god concept, no matter how "deep" your thinking, you're still focusing on nothing.

There is no god. (See how clear that statement is? And I didn't have to use any big words.)

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