May 19, 2012

Look at this monstrosity

Oy. Look at this thing.
This is a photo of the new home-run sculpture at the Marlins' brand spanking new stadium. It was created by Red Grooms. Have you ever seen anything uglier? I mean, I know they were aiming for trashy and colorful so it would match the rest of this tatty park -- but really. It's a monstrosity.

Speaking of which, I foolishly lauded the Marlins' new uniforms in a recent post. But a week or so later, I got HD TV and saw what the uniforms actually look like. Ugh. What a garish collection of colors they chose.

Who designed this?
Plus, look at the shirt to the right. They put the first two letters on the left and then jammed not only four letters but a fish on the right. It looks so lopsided.

There is nothing nice about the Marlins new stadium, uniforms, home run sculpture or, yes, manager. (Hi, Ozzie!) The Marlins relaunch is a total bust.

Couldn't happen to a nicer team. I hate these guys (because they've always been my Mets' nemesis). Boo to it all. And sssssssss.

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