May 11, 2012

Mr. Baseball

Gio Gonzalez (Wikipedia)
Mr. Baseball, the baseball god, inhabits only one player at a time, imbuing him with supernatural baseball powers. He was in Josh Hamilton this week when he hit those four homers. You can't deny this. It's obvious.

Usually it's difficult to predict where Mr. Baseball will pop up, though he stayed inside Jose Reyes for over a month last year. The baseball priests had never seen such a lengthy visitation. They had to amend the Baseball Bible. But typically, Mr. Baseball's visits last only as long as a game.

Until now, that is. There's a pitcher named Gio Gonzalez who has a direct line to Mr. Baseball. Each and every time he's on the mound, Mr. Baseball magically transforms his game. If you want to see pitching like nothing you've ever seen before, check this kid out. He starts for the Nats tonight at 7 pm ET.

Amen. (And Gio, after this plug you'd better have a good game. Just saying.)

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cm said...

Here's hoping Mr. Baseball inhabits one little leaguer named Nick this Saturday.