May 23, 2012

Xmas Carol update

Lately I've been quiet about Xmas Carol, my horror novel. This does not mean it's been shunted off to the sidelines. Quite the opposite -- I've been working every single day on the manuscript. It's a much better book than it was six months ago. Of this, I'm sure. The edits have gone very, very well.

In fact, I think I've got the final version in my hands right now. But I won't know until I read it again...and I'm hesitant to do this. It's such a monumental moment in the history of this book. I could be thrilled...or not.

I've read Xmas Carol so many times -- at least 30. Gotta read it once more and then maybe it's time to send it into the world so you can read it, too. No matter what the verdict, it'll be released soon, guys. Xmas Carol is about to become a part of the literary landscape.

And it's going to shake some people up. Truly.

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