May 11, 2012

So that's why the church attacked US nuns

Found this at (blush) HuffPo:
Now it turns out that conservative American churchmen living in Rome -- including disgraced former Boston Cardinal Bernard Law -- were key players in pushing the hostile takeover of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, or LCWR, which they have long viewed with suspicion for emphasizing social justice work over loyalty to the hierarchy and issues like abortion and gay marriage.

Vatican observers in Rome and church sources in the U.S. say Law was "the person in Rome most forcefully supporting" the LCWR investigation, as Rome correspondent Robert Mickens wrote in The Tablet, a London-based Catholic weekly. Law was the "prime instigator," in the words of one American churchman, of the investigation that began in 2009 and ended in 2011. The actual crackdown was only launched in April.
Law is the Cardinal who allegedly hid the sexual transgressions of pedophile priests in Boston, transferring them to other areas where they could prey upon more children. In the midst of this scandal, the popey guy promoted him to a cushy job in Rome. And he's the one who pushed the Vatican to attack US nuns?

This church is way beyond irony.

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