December 22, 2013

Xmas brings atheists together

The NYT has a story today with the headline, "During religious season, non-believers assert right to celebrate". It's about all the different things atheists are doing to reclaim the holiday season for us. It boils down to "we love Xmas, too", with a side order of "we want community, too".

The story focuses on the new, atheist gatherings that are so much like church, for those who seek to bond with people like themselves. It also speaks about the different billboard tactics of atheist organizations, and the problem of gathering us all under one banner. We ain't all the same. Anyway, you might enjoy reading the article.

As for me, I don't want to "gather" with anyone (though atheist conferences might grab me one day; they sound like fun). For me, the atheists on the internet are my people. I get a rewarding sense of community by reading what others write, and by knowing that some number of people, however small, read my novel and my blog and enjoy the things I say. It's also fun that religious nitwits read my work product and then their heads explode. That provides all the community I need.

So where do you stand in all this? Do you wish you could attend an atheist "church" or go to atheist events at Xmas? Why not click on "comments" and tell us about it? Heck, you might even feel a sense of community by speaking up, right here, right now. Stranger things have happened.

Merry Xmas! Now, go wrap those gifts.

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