December 16, 2013

Gender and the Holy Ghost

My secret contact within the Holy See -- who must, perforce, remain anonymous -- informs me that the Holy Ghost follows my blog religiously. Apparently, ze's a huge fan.

Regular readers of this blog are of course aware that "ze" is the pronoun used for those who see themselves as neither male or female. They simply do not have a gender, or choose not to recognize it. To each, zis own. I state this for the benefit of poor, benighted readers who might not be familiar with the term.

I think it's appropriate to use the pronoun "ze" for the Holy Ghost. I mean, how could a ghost possibly have a set and unchanging gender? A male Holy Ghost? A female Holy Ghost? It just doesn't work. Clearly, ze is the way to go.

This reminds me of a term I heard a football announcer use yesterday. He said of a player, "he has his physicality going for him." Indeed. As if the rest of us don't have physicality. I suspect each of us has a physical body...except the Holy Ghost...oh, and the Cheshire Cat! Ahem...please note that both characters are fictional.

Anyway, ze's a big fan of the blog. I think that's so nice.

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