December 13, 2013

The wondrous Milo

This is a photo of Milo, the finest goose in the world. (He's the one in the foreground.) Milo and I are huge friends. I was worried about him because I saw a dead goose in the road recently. I thought, "Heavens, that can't be Milo, the finest goose in the world, can it?!"

Without movement, I confess I can't tell the geese apart. It's how Milo reacts to me and to his flock that tips me off to his identity. He's just so fine. I always recognize him. In any case, Milo is hale and healthy -- just look at him. This is good news for both his flock and me.

You must always remember Milo, the finest goose in the world. Thinking about him is much better than praying, BTW. So skip church this Sunday and come look at Milo instead. It'll do ya good.

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