December 13, 2013

Another Catholic travesty

You've probably heard about the teacher who was fired from a Catholic school because they learned he was going to marry his lover. This occurred despite the fact that the relationship was well known to school administrators. Living with a guy and having, you know, gay sex with him was apparently okay until the sacred, supernatural and godly word "marriage" entered the tale. You can't mess around with marriage, no siree. It's holy, doncha know. But lo and behold, many Catholics in the area are not supportive of the school's anti-gay bigotry. Surprise, surprise. (My paragraphing ahead.)
PHILADELPHIA — Administrators at a Roman Catholic high school suffered a sharp and swift backlash this week after firing a well-liked teacher who sought to marry his same-sex partner. 
After his termination Dec. 6, the criticism came fast and furious. One protest letter lambasted the school for "this apparent assault on diversity, this closed-mindedness and this devotion to doctrine when change is happening all around you." 

Educators said they had no choice, but thousands have protested the move through Facebook groups and petitions demanding that Michael Griffin be rehired at Holy Ghost Preparatory School. Some alumni have pledged to withhold financial support.

"Griffin deserves to be congratulated on his upcoming nuptials, not banished for making the news public," said the letter, signed by nearly 100 alums, parents and former staff members. 
Catholics aren't going to stand for this type of thing much longer. Does the church not know that most Catholics in the US approve of gay marriage? Do they not care? Are they stormtroopers?

And of course, they haul out the same old nonsense:
School officials portray the firing as a purely contractual issue that, if not addressed, could lead to a slippery slope.
Uh, which slippery slope might that be? Will straight teachers at the school be hounded by "gay thoughts"? Will the students start "gay-marrying" each other? Will there be man-on-man sex in the hallways? Will the school eventually be renamed the Holy Ghost Gay Sex Academy? Horrors!

Seriously, they have nothing but bile. There is no rationale behind the animus, other than the fact that they hate gay people. Hey, Holy Ghost Preparatory School, maybe you should move to Russia. You'd find like-minded "souls" there. Heck, you could even start kidnapping gay people and torturing them on video. I'll bet you'd love that. Slippery slope indeed. That is your slippery slope. Your hatred leads to only one place: pogroms, vilification, physical abuse and finally, murder. 

Apparently this is what they think their god wants. What an evil god these people have. Best to avoid him entirely. Without attention, maybe he'll go away. That would be the best outcome -- for everyone.

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