December 26, 2013

What was missing this Christmas

I really miss Glass Wax Christmas stencils. Those of you who are, shall we say, oldish, will recall the joy of seeing these images on windows everywhere during the Christmas season.

They were fun to put up and looked rather magical, especially if you were a child. It's hard to believe they went out of fashion. Tell me, how long has it been since you saw one on an Xmas window? Twenty years? Thirty years?!

Far too long. Bring back Glass Wax stencils! That's an order.

With this post, I am done writing about Xmas. Time to move on. And not to New Year's, which is a completely meaningless holiday. Let's skip New Year's Day and jump directly into the January/February doldrums, where life is frozen and all sense of hope is abandoned. I love that time of year!


Artichoke Annie said...

I do remember those stencils, what fun. Let's bring them back. Hmmm, I wonder if they still make Glass Wax? I will have to Goggle that.

writenow said...

The guy at this link says there's an alternate product:

Here are his words: (FYI...There's a product available today called Gel-Gloss that works exactly the same way, and I'm sure Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann's and Michael's are full of holiday stencils...probably already marked down.)