December 1, 2013

Catholic church spreads homophobia in Croatia

Things like this happen because...the Christian god is love personified. You may all kneel now.
Croatians on Sunday are voting in a referendum that could ban gay marriages after conservative groups, backed by the Roman Catholic Church, demanded that the country's constitution defines the matrimony as a union of a man and a woman.
Seeking to add something completely irrelevant, a cardinal said:
"Marriage is the only union enabling procreation," Croatia's Cardinal Josip Bozanic said in his message to the followers. "This is the key difference between a marriage and other unions." 
I'm sure all the old, childless, Catholic married couples agree. Marriage has nothing to do with loving another person and wanting to share your life with them. Nothing at all. Move along now; nothing to see here.

Thankfully, young people grasp what's wrong with arguments like this.
"I will vote against because I think that the referendum is not a festival of democracy, but a festival of oppression against a minority, which fights for its rights and which does not have its rights," Jura Matulic, a university student, said. 
Catholic conservatives are the worst of the worst -- and this hasn't changed with the installation of a new pope. Their attitude, I'm sure, is that popes come and go. I think they're waiting for Francis to die and be replaced by another gay closet case like Ratzi. They liked him a lot because he had the good sense to hide his awful gayness.

(Okay, so his love for the red shoes and his, you know, prancing, was a dead giveaway. But he didn't talk about it. That's the thing. He hated himself quietly while lashing out at gays all over the world and appointing anti-gay loons as cardinals in areas with large gay populations. Now, that's a pope!)

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