December 24, 2013

American Catholics heartily approve of Pope Francis

Raw Story (and every other publication, it seems) has a story up today about the pope's overwhelming approval rating by American Catholics.

Marxist? Check. Nice to gays? Check. American Catholics seem to have no problem with these aspects of Pope Francis' personality. They adore the guy.
A pair of recent polls found the new pontiff’s approval rating among his U.S. followers to be about as close to full approval as candy, ice cream and puppies.

A CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday found that 88 percent of American Catholics approve of the pope nine months into his term.
Now, let's see...Pope Ratzinger was vicious to gays, hardly mentioned the poor, encouraged backward, conservative thinking and...everyone hated the guy. Go figure, Bill Donohue. (He's that lone Catholic wingnut who says crazy things while trying to get people to think that he's an organization. He adored Ratzi and evinces only half-hearted "approval" of the "new" pope. Fun!)

As to that Marxist thing (a charge leveled only by conservative, wingnut Catholics):
The pope drew criticism from American political conservatives for his recent remarks on capitalism and trickle-down economics, but more than 85 percent of American Catholics say he’s neither too liberal nor too conservative.
Nearly two-thirds of American Catholics agree with the pope about capitalism’s effects on the poor, the poll found.
It would seem that Catholics are, oh, I don't know -- in league with the new pope's thinking. This is a body blow to rightwing Catholics -- a group that includes the appalling US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the group that evil archbishop Timmy Dolan used to assault gay people for many years. The USCCB is a hate group, nothing more and nothing less.

The tide has turned. Let's see what it brings in the new year. I'm hoping Pope Francis will focus on women in 2014. He needs to see them as actual, full, valid people. If he does that, he's a saint (not that saints matter one whit, of course; it's all just a fantasy role-playing game).

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