September 28, 2013

Reassuring readers

I've received hundreds -- if not thousands -- of emails from concerned readers of this blog. They're worried that I may "misuse" my new Lid. This post is intended to reassure those readers.

Have no fear. When I blog, I will never wear the Lid. If I did, I would be infallible, for all intents and purposes -- and we can't have that. Infallible bloggers just won't do. The very thought is unseemly. No, bloggers must be fallible and I assure you that is what I will continue to be (when I'm not wearing the Lid).

There is no reason to worry that I will break this self-imposed rule. I will wear another top hat while blogging. This is a mere hat, not a device from another galaxy. So readers can rest assured that I will continue to make mistakes on this blog and I will on occasion say things that make no sense at all. I will remain a mere human hairless monkey of Earth while blogging.

That's a promise!

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