September 12, 2013

Absurd to the Nth degree

On Ed Brayton's blog I found this quote from Michelle Bachman:
“We are in times that are unprecedented,” Bachmann said. “These are the times of birth pangs, we’re seeing the intensity of age and the speed and rapidity that these events are starting to speed up so fast that we can hardly get our minds about it.”
Makes no sense at all. Thanks, Michelle!

It kind of reminds me of something I heard a baseball announcer say the other day. While listing the positives about a certain player, he said the guy was "very fast in speed".

Some people just can't think.

1 comment:

Artichoke Annie said...

Oy, she and Sarah Palin spew out this stuff and I say "what?". I don't know what those girls are using but pass it on babes, I'm for anything that can alter this reality we inhabit.

Disclaimer - I in no way indorse the use of illegal substances here in the state of Missouri or New York or California.......the rest of you are on your own.