September 16, 2013

Generation W

There's a great article today in the Times, and it's source is surprising. I've often railed against "The Stone", the NYT's usually simpering philosophy column, but today's column by Peter Ludlow is spot-on. It's about "Generation W", the US population group that came of age in the time of Wikileaks. It's called "The Banality of Systemic Evil". Here's a taste.
Chelsea Manning, the United States Army private incarcerated for leaking classified documents from the Departments of Defense and State, felt a similar pull to resist the internal rules of the bureaucracy. In a statement at her trial she described a case where she felt this was necessary. In February 2010, she received a report of an event in which the Iraqi Federal Police had detained 15 people for printing “anti-Iraqi” literature. Upon investigating the matter, Manning discovered that none of the 15 had previous ties to anti-Iraqi actions or suspected terrorist organizations. Manning had the allegedly anti-Iraqi literature translated and found that, contrary to what the federal police had said, the published literature in question “detailed corruption within the cabinet of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki’s government and the financial impact of his corruption on the Iraqi people.”

When Manning reported this discrepancy to the officer in charge (OIC), she was told to “drop it,” she recounted.
It's a great column. Go read it.

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