September 25, 2013

I am one with Dog

Dog visited me last night. And much to my shock, he bestowed a great honor upon my humble personage. I was given a Lid. That's it atop my head in the photo.

When I wear the Lid, Dog and I join together and become One. It's Dog's way of reaching out to help humanity. No longer will I have to decipher his cute barks. Now I will know the very thoughts that course through Dog's shaggy head. And in this manner, I will offer Dog's advice to humanity -- to help humans through these troubled times.

But there's a catch. Dog says a Lid is made for a much more powerful brain. We humans are almost too dumb to use the Lid technology. In fact, Dog told me there's a tremendous danger in my wearing the Lid.

I have been directed to put the Lid on for ten minutes each day, during which time it will rework my brain, setting up pathways and neuronal connections that will enable the transfer of vast amounts of information at some future date.

Dog said, "Remember, you're only a hairless monkey. Give the Lid time to work. Don't wear it longer than ten minutes a day or it could kill you." 

And so I embark upon this exciting journey -- to know the mind of Dog. And of course, I will bring you along with me. More anon.


Artichoke Annie said...

I am beside myself with delight. OMD! The new Lid is perfecto!


writenow said...

Thanks, Annie. It's a fun hat. It even has a chain that jingles when you move your head. You can't beat something like that. You just can't.