September 20, 2013

Next day pope news

Today many headlines say something like, "Pope Rages Against Abortion". Funny. I'd phrase it this way: "Pope tosses peanut to traditionalists". He didn't "rage" at all. He just suggested that Catholic doctors not perform abortions. Ou est la rage?

Here's a clip from a story that appeared today (it's linked above):
In his comments, Francis denounced today's "throw-away culture" that justifies disposing of lives, and said doctors in particular had been forced into situations where they are called to "not respect life." 
When he said this, the pope was speaking to a group of Catholic gynecologists. Of course he was going to say something like that. It's not like the church tossed its objections to abortion. It's the church; it can't do that. So I don't find this revealing at all.

Remember, just yesterday he cautioned Catholics not to "obsess" about this stuff. That's what's called a caveat in informed circles. I can live with the pope's peanut-toss.

But seriously, what must be going through the tortured heads of blowhard wingnuts like Bill Donohue of the infamous Catholic League? I see a stroke in his near future. Fun!

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