September 3, 2013

This should be interesting

Let's see. First Obama refuses to meet with Putin because Russia is harboring Edward Snowden. And now this:
MOSCOW — Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights activists said Tuesday they have been invited to meet with President Barack Obama on the sidelines of this week's Group of 20 summit in Russia. 
What will Putin do? It's all so junior high, so tit-for-tat, when you get right down to it. Will Putin view Obama's meeting with gay reps as "propaganda" and arrest him? That would be fun. On the other hand, will Putin punish the gay reps afterward? I wouldn't like to see that happen.

But seriously, the whole thing is like a cartoon. The Russian president with a fixation on personal manliness goes after the gays. And the American president who promised the most transparent administration in history goes after whistleblowers with demonic vengeance. (And after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, tries to start World War III -- to prove his manliness.)

These are cartoon times, for sure.

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Artichoke Annie said...

What would be really great would be to just pick up and pull the Olympics out of Russia and hold the games elsewhere. But since it is such a commercial extravaganza these days that is logistically impossible.

I always hate boycotts because it punishes the athletes unfairly. But that was back in the days of amateur participation, well except for the Russians. Now they are all professionals so maybe it could just be chalked up as the cost of doing business.

Having the devotion of a people that you will shoot if they disagree with you must produce a real case of the warm fuzzies.