September 7, 2013

Is Russia preparing a gay holocaust?

Seriously, every time I read a story about gays in Russia lately, it seems more dire.

I mean, let's add it up. Russia established a law against "gay propaganda" that essentially means gays can't admit their existence. And now they're working on taking children away from gay families! Can you even imagine the level of animus that motivates such a move?

This reminds me of the situation in Germany just before the holocaust. When we hear that a huge majority of the Russian population agrees with the government's position, that's saying something important. The holocaust couldn't have happened without the permission of German citizens. There's wind in this sail.

Please read the linked article, which recounts an interview with a lesbian in Russia who actually had to sit down with her ll-year old biological daughter to explain that Putin might take her away from her family.

Plus, as you know if you've been following the horror in Russia, the government literally encourages the beating of gay men by doing nothing when gays are tricked, kidnapped, humiliated and beaten by Nazi thugs (who are all closet cases, I'm sure). Many of these attacks were recorded and displayed on social media -- yet no one arrests the perpetrators. And if they had been arrested, I've read they'd only get three months for doing such a thing.

This is, I insist, a prelude to a gay holocaust. What will Obama do when Russia crosses that red line? It will be interesting, to say the least.

The whole world must rise up and revile Russia publicly for its inhuman pillorying of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. That's the only way to stop what's coming next.

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