June 30, 2014

Gay Pride note

While watching media reports about New York City's Gay Pride March yesterday, I was intrigued by the similarity of comments by observers. The local news media interviewed lots of people who watched the march from the sidelines, and a common theme ran through the remarks.

Over and over, I heard people say that they were straight but attended the march every year because "it's so positive" and "I love the diversity". More than one mentioned that it was a joy to "see people so comfortable in their own skin". "It's uplifting," others said as the smiles on their faces told the story.

Haters often think of "gay" as meaning white gay men. For those people, the biggest jolt on seeing a gay pride march is that we come in all colors, sexes and shapes. Gay is not white, it's human. And for this reason, gay pride marches are a sea of diversity.

A positive experience for all -- that's what defines a gay pride march. As an oldster, I don't attend any more. But I went to the march regularly when I was in my 20s and 30s. Wouldn't miss it for the world. It's a wonderful event and I'm gratified that pride marches have gone global.

Our time is now.

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