June 12, 2014

Cute little guys

This isn't the best photo in the world but it was all I could manage with my minimal zoom lens. These two little guys have been down by the pond for about a week. (That bright green stuff above them is a reflection of trees in the surface of the pond.) I think they're baby heron. I saw an adult heron at the pond about a week ago and I assume these are her chicks. I haven't seen her in several days. Perhaps she produced her young and left them behind, though that seems unlikely. Birds are usually terrific parents.

Anyway, these guys are cute. I hope they survive. I saw a pack of crows ogling them yesterday. The odd thing was that two geese seemed to be acting as the babies' protectors. It's possible. Babies are babies; we all feel the need to protect them (except for Republicans and priests). Protecting the young is how life works.

Spring always brings a new slew of babies. May this never stop.

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Artichoke Annie said...

I like your photo by the way, tranquil.