November 17, 2012

Our super-smart Supreme Court justices

Trying to defend the court's outlandish and un-American decision to extend First Amendment rights to corporations, Sam Alito showed how little he understands this country.
Alito rattled off the names of the nation's leading newspapers and television networks, all owned by corporations and possessing acknowledged rights to print and say what they wish about politics and government.

"The question is whether speech that goes to the very heart of government should be limited to certain preferred corporations; namely, media corporations," he said. "Surely the idea that the First Amendment protects only certain privileged voices should be disturbing to anybody who believes in free speech." 
The man doesn't see a difference between media and non-media corporations! It's like he's never lived in this country and simply studied it from afar by reading rightwing newspapers. Journalism doesn't exist in the world Alito inhabits. Can you believe how far the court has fallen? People used to respect the Supremes. Now they laugh at them.

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