November 20, 2012

The day has come

I can't believe I'm 64 today. I remember when the song came out, I thought about the possibility of reaching this age. But after mulling it over I said, "Nah. Never gonna happen."

Lo and behold, it has! I am a 64-year-old guy. This is very cool. Like Keith Richards, I want to get as old and grizzled as I can.

Now, where are Vera, Chuck and Dave? I'm sure I left them around here somewhere. It's hard to keep track of kids, especially the copies. (In joke for Xmas Carol readers.)


Artichoke Annie said...

Happy Birthday Big Fella - from the sunny shores of the Pacific Ocean Come on out, I will take you to Disneyland for the day and you can wear those Mickey Mouse ears......only this one day. Kick up your heels.

xxxooo Miss Annie

writenow said...

Thanks, Annie! How can you be up at this hour? It's not even light on the less favored coast where you now unfortunately find yourself.

cm said...

Happy big six-four cousin! Many more!

cm said...

Happy big six-four and many more!

writenow said...

Thanks Carmine. After my initial enthusiasm, I think I'm starting to feel old. 64. Jeebus.