November 15, 2012

Step outside the American journalism bubble

Want to read real stuff? To do so, you have to visit media sites in other countries where they still do, you know, journalism. Today in SpiegelOnline, I found an interesting take on the Petraeus affair(s). How Sexy is Benghazi, by Pepe Escobar, is an inside look at the back-story. You'll never hear stuff like this in America. Go read it.

UPDATE: Oops. I "misspoke". Escobar writes for Asia Times Online.

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Artichoke Annie said...

Agreed. For me is a news source I go to. It started with Fukishima, it was the only site I could get news of what is going on.

American news, especially on television, remains under the heading of 'entertainment' not news.

The big plus for us in this country is that we are still free to search and use the internet ...

Keep it up Keith.