February 18, 2011

Robot takeover begins

Hmm, so let's see. This week Watson the computer brain trounced two mere humans in a mental match. And now they've (don't you love "they"?) made a robot hand that's exactly like our own. Next step: adding something that looks like skin, feels like skin, and performs the essential duties that skin performs for humans (sensing heat and textures, etc.)

It seems Ken Jennings was right. It's time to submit to our new computer overlords. Well, almost. These are the beginnings of something fresh and new, folks. Take note.


Anna Guess Pick said...

I wonder if reincarnation includes the robot species?

writenow said...

Here's my reincarnation scenario: Time doesn't really exist. We actually are all one person, living each life sequentially. There is only one life form. It is also the insects, fish, birds, etc. Life only happened one time. So if the robots get into the mix, the life form will also have to live the robot's life. Sounds really cumbersome.